Mission Statement
The Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc. (AELE) is a resource center and legal educational provider dedicated to offering interested parties objective, timely, accurate, legal, scientific, and evidence-based information and operational guidance for the enhancement of the criminal justice community and to reduce potential criminal and civil liability of criminal justice professionals and their employers.

About AELE Online Education Center (OEC)
Launched in July 2020 after months of planning, the OEC concept began before the COVID-19 pandemic and the societal demands associated with the tragic death of George Floyd. These two events, along with others, present challenges to law enforcement administrators, supervisors, officers, municipalities, and defense attorneys on how they can continue protecting their communities, residents, employees, continue training employees, while simultaneously juggling shrinking budgets from loss of tax dollars and/or defunding.

The AELE Executive Board and its president commissioned the OEC to provide relevant, timely, evidence-based, and cost-effective educational webinars, seminars, and programs to the law enforcement community and other interested parties. Check out the four, tuition-free webinars on contemporary topics that showcase world-class subject matter experts, contemporary content, recommended solutions, and broadcast-quality production. View these ON DEMAND webinars when you have time, and then select a subscription plan that best suits your needs.  

Thanks, again, for visiting the AELE Online Education Center.  The AELE is honored to partner with you and your organization. Take advantage of the subscription plan that best fits you or your organization. The staff and Board members of the AELE are ready to help you and your organization through its no-cost online legal library, through its ON DEMAND webinars, and through its contemporary seminars.

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