Beginning in 2020, the Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc. (AELE) offered four, tuition-free webinars that were well attended and highly rated by viewers. Offered “live” and then uploaded for ON DEMAND viewing, these four webinars have been viewed thousands of times by people across the globe.

One per month: Educational by design, the AELE webinars focus on contemporary topics and issues, providing information to assist administrators, trainers, supervisors, attorneys, and other interested parties in developing solutions to problems they face in their organizations and communities. The AELE offer one webinar a month for low tuition. Cost-effective subscription plans are available to individuals and agencies who wish to save money while maximizing employee learning.

Cost effective: Although each AELE webinar is available at a fixed price, subscription plans can save money for individuals and organizations. For example, an organization selects the Silver Subscription ($200 annual rate) enabling all its employees to attend the 12 webinars. If the agency has 30 employees, the cost of the 12 webinars (with customized certificate for employees who pass a short online assessment) is $16.66 per webinar ($200 subscription/12 webinars) OR $0.56 per webinar, per employee ($200 subscription/12 webinars/30 employees). Other subscription plans offer even more cost savings.

Check out these four webinars: Seeing is believing!! Check out the four, tuition-free webinars so you will see the quality of the content, the presenters, and the production. In today’s changing world of shrinking budgets, purchasing an AELE subscription plan that best fits your allows you to provide educational webinars to your employees at very low cost.

Subscription Plans: For more information about AELE subscription plans and to enroll, click “Subscriptions.”

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